“In each piece that I create I try to achieve an uplifting painting that comes alive through the vibrancy of color!”


Tricia Hodgins

Since graduating from The Victoria College of Art in 1996, Tricia has kept the adventures of dabbling in 2D art mediums alive.  Her most favourite ones to date being oil paint and chalk pastels, although she also paints with watercolor, acrylic & mixed media collage. “I guess I’m a multifarious painter!  I usually dive in feet and hands first without a thought as to what the finished painting is going to look like or be about. Getting there is where the fun is and that is what keeps my paintings free and alive!”

Still Life



The Galleries

Tricia Hodgins can be contacted at triciahodgins@shaw.ca

or by snail mail at

1759 Rockland Ave,

Victoria, B.C.

V8S 1X1